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Six Steps to Pricing Your Home

Statistics have shown that the housing market has increased the last couple of months (slowly in a positive percentage) and home prices are on the rise by 6.8%.  However, even while the market is good, some homes still don't sell while neighboring homes are!! Why is that? Well, that is the magic questions that most homeowners (sellers) ask me when I visit with them because their home has either gone "expired" - "taken off the market" or "withdrawn". In my experience and estimation there are 3 reasons why homes do not sell:

1. Pricing:  Was your home price too high?
2. Marketing:  Did your Agent market your home to its fullest potential?
3. Condition:  Is your home in the condition it should be? Is it in tip top *show ready* 

Today, I will give you the tips that you can implement and get top dollar for your home sales!!! Here are my six steps you should consider before listing your home:

1. Condition: The most important and should be on the top of your list before considering selling is; getting your home in first class condition.  Your home needs to stand out from the rest.  One question every seller needs to ask themselves is "if you were a buyer, would you buy your home in the condition that it is?  If you answered no, you have work to do.  

Everything in life requires work, and to get top $$$ for your home requires let's begin with: a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors.  Update bathrooms and kitchen these two areas are the "Key" to selling your home....first thing buyers look at is the kitchen and bathrooms.  If you don't have the money to update....that's okay, you can add new shower curtains (I like white), new hand towels nicely decorated and area rugs(you can get at the Family Dollar).  Kitchen clear all magnets from the fridge etc. add a nice live plant or floral arrangement.  If  you have old cooking books, cake mixer showcase that.  Kitchen table needs to be nicely decorated and appealing.  Clear all the clutter - make your home shine.  Polish the floors, clean ceiling fans, windows and blinds vacuum all the rugs with accent powder for rugs (a house that smells nice give a good impression).

2. Repairs: Are you willing to sacrifice your *equity* because the inspection came back with repairs (could be numerous things) and buyer is asking a price reduction to the sales price?  Be one step ahead of the game, go through the entire house inside and outside.  Good through the bathroom and kitchen drains and pipes for any leaks and repair were needed. Fix damaged roof or upgrade if necessary.  Clear the gutter and test it make sure its not clogged.  If you know the carpeting needs replacing, do it.  It may cost you 3,000.00 but for a buyer they will go as high as $5,000.00 price reductions....the more repairs they can find - its cha ching, cha ching $$$.  Get it fix now or you will get burned in the long run.

3. Staging:  Okay, now that you did all the above, now comes staging....and I don't mean like on TV! that would be great but in reality - everything cost money.  If you have a Realtor like myself....I go the extra mile for my Sellers all the time!!!   I go in and do the staging myself (with my sellers' consent and permission of course)....I make sure its show ready!!!  Make the bedroom and bathrooms look pretty to the eyes of the buyer....depersonalized some areas of the house not all.  Rearrange some furniture and fix up the curtains if need be.  You don't need to spend tons of'd be surprised what I've done with my sellers' homes with just there stuff they have laying around collecting dust!!! Get some vases and nick naks from the attic and spruce up the dining room and kitchen table(s). Add a nice touch to the sofa by using a sofa cover same with side chairs etc.

4. Exterior:  Pressure wash the main entrance and the entire outside of the house.  Add a fresh coat of exterior paint.  Clean all the windows and make sure the front door is in good condition or needs replacing.  Replace the roof if you have to....this is a major expense but in the long run it will cost you your equity about 15 to 20 thousand dollars deducted from your asking price....we don't want that!!!

5. Curb Appeal:  You have no idea how this is so important!! I've had buyers, as soon as I pull up to the driveway and they see the front yard ....they tell me "lets go" move to the next!! don't even bother to look at the inside of the house, why because the first impression leaves a negative mind-set to that buyer.  So, the thing is to keep the lawn and shrubs cut and well maintained add pretty flowers and I like and tell my sellers to add chimes....which gives that nice soothing sound when the breeze hits it!!! Clear the yard of clutter and toys, bikes etc. also look at the mailbox and make sure its in good condition or needs painting.  If you have wood fence, paint it or replace old/rotted wood  if necessary.

6. Garage:  One of the wish list to buyers is the garage, they have to have a garage.  So, de-clutter...organize your bikes, fishing rods, trash bins. Make sure the laundry area is free of dirty cloths.  Make sure the lawn mower and any lawn equipment is in a neat corner.  Buyers want to see space and envision their cars in there.  If you have the time, you can paint the garage floor if need be...not really necessary...but it will ad value to it. 

Take care of all the above and I will take care of all the rest.  Rest assure I will price your house to sell quickly and net you the highest and best offer and close in the least amount of time.  With my tools, proven track record and my marketing strategy "Sell Your Home Within 28 Day Window"  

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